What we offer


We will come to your home, hospital, rehabilitation clinic or where you are currently being cared for and talk to you about your options. Of course, the initial consultation is non-binding and free of charge for you. We will show you your options and point out any difficulties that may arise during a trip. And we´ll explain how we get these out of the way for you.


We are well prepared and ready for you and any eventuality that may arise during a trip. Our equipment is always up to date and coordinated with the airlines. We will accompany you safely and stress.free from door to door. An open ear for all you concerns during the trip is of course included.


if your condition does not allow you to travel on a scheduled flight or your health deteriorates to such an extent at your vacation destination that you cannot be flown back via scheduled flights, an ambulance jet is also available for you. We won´t leave you alone even in the worst case scenario. Our team is there for you.